SDTR horses
Mary Anne
"Riding provides a wonderful source of self-esteem for the students. They are empowered for the first time in their lives and have begun to believe that they are worth something."

SDTR horse Willy WonkaWilly Wonka

Willy Wonka is an 11 year old American Racking Horse gelding who came to the program in August 2008. He is the size and build we were looking for so we are grateful to have found him. He is a handsome Palomino color with a long flaxen mane and tail and has a heart of gold! He is a very friendly, curious fellow who loves his treats - a little too much actually, so that we keep a careful eye on his weight. We are hopeful he will have a long career as a four-legged therapist with us. Plus, everyone just loves his name!

SDTR horse LucyLucy

Meet SDTR's newest "four-legged therapist"! Lucy is a beautiful mare acquired in 2010 after a substantial search for a horse with the necessary qualities. She has the steadiness, smooth gaits, exceptional manners, fitness and trust needed to work effectively with our participants. Lucy has exceeded all our expectations and is a beloved partner to many of our participants, old and young.

SDTR horse StormyStormy

Stormy is a sweet, kind, bay Quarter Horse gelding who resides at the barn we are operating from. His owners have graciously permitted SDTR to use Stormy while we continue our search for a new horse. Stormy's smaller build makes him a perfect fit for our riders who require a narrower base.  Stormy is very patient and responsive to our riders. He quietly stands still as riders play horseketball or reach for stuffed animals on the posts.

SDTR horse StormyPokey

Pokey is a sweet Quarter Horse gelding in his 20s who was donated to SDTR in July of 2015. Pokey's last owner mainly trail rode him and also took him to children's birthday parties so he has always enjoyed a lot of attention. Pokey is 14.3 hands and is a very handsome dark bay with a short tail. He is very steady with riders who rock and who can be off balanced. Pokey is also a great fit for our more advanced riders to work on improving their horsemanship skills. We are very excited to have this handsome boy join our family.

SDTR horse StormyRomeo

Romeo has been part of the SDTR family since April 2015. He was donated by Mollie Esterson from Singletree Stables in Seaford, Delaware. Romeo is a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding in his 20s. He was a lesson horse for many years. His looks and temperament remind us all of our sweet old man Champ! Romeo's steadiness makes him wonderful for riders who are just beginning to take the step to ride independently. He also loves to kick up his heels out in the pasture and is the alfa gelding in the herd.

SDTR horse StormyLee

Lee joined the SDTR family in September 2015. Lee is a big, handsome bay gelding. He is a Clydesdale/Hackney cross and is 16.2 hands tall. Lee is our gentle giant! He was formerly used as a carriage horse and was most often the leader in a team of four. Lee definitely turns heads of humans and horses alike! We are anxious to see how Lee adds to our wonderful line up at SDTR!

SDTR horse StormyNayah

Nayah is a gray mini mare in her mid 20s. She is worth her weight in gold! Nayah is very sweet and quiet and is wonderful with our littlest riders and visitors, as well as individuals who are not yet comfortable around the larger horses. She instills confidence and brings smiles to everyone that she comes in contact with her. Nayah can be ridden and pulls a carriage plus she loves to be groomed and dressed up. She and Angel are best friends who are inseparable!

SDTR horse StormyAngel

Angel is a gray mini mare in her early 20s. Angel is beautiful with a flowing mane, forelock and tail. She is always turns head with her stunning good looks. She is extremely sweet and can be ridden and handled by our youngest riders. Angel enjoys being groomed by our riders and is a perfect size for those who are wheel chair users. She builds confidence in those riders who are first timid around the horses. Her size and quiet temperament puts everyone at ease as they get use to being around horses. Angel loves her best friend Nayah and always wants to be by her side!